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Hathorn H12+ – Medium Inspection Reel


Municipal Grade, North American built camera reels allow you to push farther and see better.


Footage counter and reset

Push around 2″ elbows

Push up to 200′ in a 12″ pipe

Includes 512Hz sonde

Ultra-sturdy 6″ wheels to make transportation easy

Weighs only 42 lbs

Compatible with all Hathorn® control modules

Self-levelling camera heads available

Three camera sizes available

Genuinely North American made

Butt-welded steel frame construction

Industry-leading HDPE premium cables

Catalog NumberCamera HeadRod LengthRod SizeMin 90º ElbowLBS.DimensionsMax Pipe Well Lit
MR-2123-SL / MR-21231.23"200ft.0.400"2"42lbs.29"x18"x15"6"
MR-2168-SL / MR-21681.68"200ft.1/2"3"42lbs.29"x18"x15"12"
MR-2143-SL / MR-21431.43"200ft.0.400"3"42lbs.29"x18"x15"10"
Choose your Reel

MR-2123-SL 1.23" Camera, 200ft, MR-2168-SL 1.68" Camera, 200ft, MR-2143-SL 1.43" Camera, 200ft


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