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Hathorn – Medium Wifi Reel


Mid Wi-Fi reels come standard with a self leveling 1.43″ camera head and 200ft of 1/2″ push rod.  The unit is portable and durable, ideal for pipes 3-10″ diameter.

We also offer the 1.23″ and 1.68″ camera heads on this unit as an option.

  • Footage counter and reset
  • Push around 2″ elbows
  • Push up to 200′ in a 12″ pipe
  • Includes 512Hz sonde
  • Compatible with all Hathorn® control modules
  • Self-levelling camera heads available
  • Three camera sizes available
  • Genuinely North American made
  • Butt-welded steel frame construction
  • Industry-leading HDPE premium cables
  • Wi-Fi stream/record, up to three devices at once
  • Ultra-sturdy 6″ wheels to make transportation easy
  • Powered by 18v Milwaukee™ or compatible batteries
Catalog NumberCamera HeadRod LengthRod SizeMin 90º ElbowMax. Pipe Well LitLBS.Dimensions
Choose your Reel

WMR-2168-SL 1.68" Camera, 200ft., WMR-2143-SL 1.43" Camera, 200ft., WMR-2123-SL, 200ft.


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