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DrainTrain Roller Skid – 3″ Video Inspection


Universal Roller Skid that traverses 3″ pipe Protects your push camera Enables it to get further down the pipe. Easier to retrieve. Engineered by the Universal Roller Skid experts at CPI Products. Twelve wheels navigate 90 degree and 45 degree bends in 3″ pipe even beyond 80 feet.


New DrainTrain enables your push camera to travel further with less damage in 3″ (76mm) pipes. Cameras up to 1.375″ or 35mm fit the Drain Train. Three independent parts create the Drain Train and two camera adapters are included. 3” (76mm) pipelines. The Drain Train™ is constructed of the same lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant composite nylon as the larger version. It provides a protective housing that increases camera lifetime. This product does not include a push camera.

  • Front section mounts at the camera head.
  • Rear section mounts at the optimal spot along the camera head or spring/gooseneck.
  • Each section has four wheels to help guide the camera through the pipeline.
ProductMaximum Camera Diameters
DrainTrain1.375” (35mm)
Trapmaster & URS41.562” (39.5mm)
URS11.9” (44mm) or 2.5” (63.5mm)
with Endzo adapter 1” = 25.4mm

Measure actual camera head diameter and some cameras have a removable sleeve or snow ball which may need to be removed to fit our roller skids double check your camera size. Check our camera guide or contact us for help to determine if the Draintrain fits your camera.


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