Warthog Classic WS-1/2 Jetter Nozzle


Maximum Pressure: 5k psi
Operating Pressure: 1.5 – 5.0 kpsi
Rotation Speed: 200-500 rpm
Flow: 8-20 gpm
Flow Rating: 1.3 Cv
Pulling Force: 9-27 lb
Inlet Connection: 1/2 NPT & BSPP
Tool Diameter: 1.9 in.
Length: 4.4 in.
Nozzle Ports: 3 x 1/8 NPT
Weight Complete: 2.95 lb

Model Number: WS-1/2

  • For 4″ – 8″ Lines with Elbows.
  • Up to 5K psi.
  • 4 Models Available.
  • For trailer jetters.

The WS-1/2 is designed to handle 4″-8″ lines and is most commonly used with trailer jetters. It is used to clean lines in restaurants, hospitals, multi-story apartment buildings, residential, and other applications. Easily removes grease, cut roots, ice and soil blockages.

The WS-J model allows the inlet hose to bend to the side, shortening the rigid length of the tool and allowing limited access applications to be cleaned much easier. 1/2″ NPT or BSPP inlet ports available.

The WS-P8 is excellent for straight pipes. The whip hose is removed, allowing the hose to connect directly to the tool. Available with a female 1/2″ NPT or BSPP connection. In this configuration 4″ 90º bends are no longer negotiable.

WS-1/2 PKGWhip HoseFor 4″ 90º Bends$1543.00
WS P8 PKGRigid InletFor Straight Pipes$1622.00
WS-1/2 DS PKGDescalingFocus on Wall Cleaning$1710.00
WS-1/2 J PKGJointed InletFor Limited Access Applications$1806.00
WS-1/2-J-DS-PKGJointed Inlet + Descaling$1973.00

WS Nozzle Service & Overhaul Kits
Warthog Nozzles by Stone Age
PART #Kit DescriptionPrice
WS 600 Service KitSyringe Assy
Viscous Fluid, Slow – 6oz.
Antiseize, 2g
Hex Socket Plug, 1/8 NPT Male, SS
WS-Half Manual Insert Brass Seat
H.P. Seal & O-Ring
WS 602 Seal KitBrass Seat
H.P. Seal & O-Ring
WS 610 Overhaul KitPort Plug
Viscous Fluid, Slow – 6oz.
Antiseize, 2g
WS-Half Manual Insert O-Ring
Brass Seat
H.P. Seal & O-Ring
Bearing, Ball
Seal, Small
Weep Seal
Seal, Large
WS-610-J Overhaul KitWS-J Manual Insert Port Plug
Viscous Fluid, Slow – 6oz.
Antiseize, 2g
Brass Seat
H.P. Seal & O-Ring
Bearing, Ball
Seal, Small
Seal, Large
WS 612 Tool KitFill Tube
Installation Tool
BC 410 20cc SyringeFor Adding Viscous Fluid$34.00

Choose Nozzle Size

WS-1/2 PKG-Whip Hose-For 4" 90º Bends-$1543.00, WS P8 PKG-Rigid Inlet-For Straight Pipes-$1622.00, WS-1/2 DS PKG-Descaling-Focus on Wall Cleaning-$1710.00, WS-1/2 J PKG-Jointed Inlet-For Limited Access Applications-$1806.00, WS-1/2-J-DS-PKG-Jointed Inlet + Descaling-$1973.00


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