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Rotating Sewer Nozzle 3/8″ ST49


Suttner 3/8″ Rotating Sewer Nozzle w/ 3  back ports or 1 Front port, 3 back ports / 4000 PSI
• Brass and stainless construction.
• Ideal for cleaning or flushing pipes.
• Size stamped on nozzle.

Ideal for 4″ to 8″ lines.

$9.95 Shipping & Handling

 Click HERE for Nozzle Orifice Sizing Chart

ST-49 3/8″ Rotating Sewer Nozzle Parts Detail

Part #PressureO.D.InletNozzlePorts
2000498604000 PSI.94″3/8″ F0403 rear jets
2000498704000 PSI.94″3/8″ F0453 rear jets
2000498804000 PSI.94″3/8″ F0503 rear jets
2000498904000 PSI.94″3/8″ F0603 rear jets
2000498914000 PSI.94″3/8″ F0803 rear jets
2000498924000 PSI.94″3/8″ F1003 rear jets
2000498934000 PSI.94″3/8″ F1203 rear jets
2000498944000 PSI.94″3/8″ F1503 rear jets
2000498954000 PSI.943/8″ F2004 rear jets
2000498964000 PSI.94″3/8″ F1001 front jet, 3 rear jets
2000498974000 PSI.94″3/8″ F1201 front jet, 3 rear jets
2000498984000 PSI.94″3/8″ F1501 front jet, 3 rear jets
2000498994000 PSI.94″3/8″ F1801 front jet, 3 rear jets


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