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Goldak Variable Frequency Locator


Receiver With LCD Screen Readout!

Model Number #TRIAD-2310-SC

Variable Receiver 50Hz to 200KHz

Comes Complete:
• Uncomplicated and intuitive user interface that simplifies and speeds up most locating jobs
• LCD screen offers visual display of intended target as well as audio response
• Visual response provides both location and orientation of desired sonde
• Compatible with almost every sonde on the market(stand alone or built-in camera heads)
• Will automatically scan and synchronize to any catalogued frequency between 50Hz-200KHz
• Search direction indicators, constant numerical response, automatic gain and set-up options
• Automatic depth and accuracy reporting
• Single trigger control
• Durable, high impact ABS construction
• Lightweight and compact; Just over 4 Lb
• Powered by 8 “AA” batts. (Approx. 50 Hrs.)
• Three Year Manufacturer Warranty


Note: this manual is for multiple Triad receivers. It contains optional items that may or may not be included with this receiver.

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