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Reaper 1/4″ Jetter Nozzles


  • Ideal for 2″ – 4″ pipes.
  • For pipe cleaning and sewer jetting.
  • Designed for superior performance
  • 2 flow rates to choose from.

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Reaper 1/4″

Our new 1/4” Reaper offers our smallest pipe cleaning and sewer jetting option yet. Everything you love about the Reaper is now available in much more compact package that’s perfect for residential plumbing. Its forceful front stream rotates at 30-degrees to quickly cut and clear blockages, while its 20-degree rear jets propel the nozzle forward to meet any challenge.


Minimum Inlet Pressure: 1,500 PSI (103 bar)
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 4,000 PSI (276 bar)
Maximum Water Temperature: 180ºF (+82ºC)
Housing Material: Stainless Steel
Nozzle Tip & Seat Material: Tungsten Carbide
Inlet Connection Thread: 1/4” FNPT
Front (Rotating) Spray Angle: 30º
Rear (Static) Spray Angle: 20º

Reaper REAPER 1/4″ Jetter Nozzles – 30 degrees
ModelDescriptionFlow @ 4000 psiPrice
#1003521-060REAPER 1/4″ #66.0 gpm$530
#1003521-080REAPER 1/4″ #88.0 gpm


Reaper REAPER 1/4″ Rotor Repair Kit
Reaper REAPER 1/4
Reaper REAPER 1/4″ Rotor Repair Kit
#1003513Reaper REAPER 1/4″ #6, #8 FR Repair Kit$212.50
Choose Nozzle GPM

1003521-060 REAPER 1/4" #6 – 6.0 gpm, 1003521-080 REAPER 1/4" #8 – 8.0 gpm


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