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3/8” Center Cut Root Cutter Kit
Designed To Clean 3” and 4” Lines

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Comes Complete:
• 3/8” Stainless Steel Rotating Head
• 3 sizes of cutting chains and cables
• Spare guide vane screws
• Chain/Cable attachment bolts
• Utility Knife
• Straight Edge
• Silver Marker
• Lockable Carrying Case
**See additional information below**

The CENTER CUT ROOT CUTTER Kit comes with everything the operator needs to successfully complete the cleaning task at hand. From the Lockable Carrying Case to the Straight Edge and Trimming Knife the Kit is ready to work with you all the way. The standard Kit comes equipped with three sizes of cutting chains and cables along with spare guide vane screws and chain/cable attachment bolts all contained in a high impact plastic carrying case. The Utility Knife, Straight Edge, and Silver Marker are contained within a zippered mesh bag with Velcro for storage. Currently Available for 3/8″ and 1/2″ NPT.

Optional Accessories:

2 Wire Set, For 3” Lines, AM003W    $7.00
2 Wire Set, For 4” Lines, AM004W    $7.50
2 Wire Set, For 5” Lines, AM005W    $8.00
2 Wire Set, For 6” Lines, AM006W    $8.50
2 Chain Set, For 3” Lines, AM003C    $7.00
2 Chain Set, For 4” Lines, AM004C    $7.50
2 Chain Set, For 5” Lines, AM005C    $8.00
2 Chain Set, For 6” Lines, AM006C    $8.50
¼” m x 3/8” f Coupler 5406-06-04     $1.50

Click Here for Owners Manual

This high speed, rotating nozzle is design to cut roots, remove scale and debris. It is available in both 3/8” and 1/2″ NPT size. It is designed to operate with wire extensions inside PVC and Clay Tile lines and with chain extensions inside Iron Pipes. You can change from wires to chains quickly with only an Allen Wrench.

If you don’t see the orifice size you require, tell us what you need and we will special order it for you. Special order kits are not returnable.

NOTE – We recommend the 3/8” Root Cutter be used on a 18hp or larger jetter and the 1/2” Root Cutter be used with a 24hp or larger jetter. If you choose to use it with a smaller horsepower jetter your working speed and performance will be reduced. The minimum horsepower jetter required for this nozzle is 13hp. It’s also important to remember when calculating time to do a job, the larger the pipe the slower the nozzle cuts. This is because you have spread the working power of the cutter head to a larger area.


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